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Privacy Policies

Privacy laws
In United States
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While there isn’t a single federal law that requires companies in the US to have a Privacy Policy, the sum of various federal and states laws suggest that you should.

There are several laws, including federal and state laws, that have provisions on data privacy. The FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, regulates data protection on all consumers in the USA.

The Americans With Disability Act
The Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984
The Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2001 (updated in 2013)
The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986
The Computer Security Act of 1997
The Consumer Credit Reporting Control Act
And others
COPPA includes certain requirements that companies need to follow when they knowingly collect data from kids.

California also imposes requirements on having a Privacy Policy through both the CalOPPA law and the California Business Code.

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